CONFERENCES TO CHOOSE FROM My goal is to minister to the needs of the local church. The following list is by no means a complete list of things that can be done to help your group. If you don’t see something on the list, just email your ideas with a request. Below are the most popular conferences that I do for churches. WOMEN’S CONFERENCE
These conferences are designed to help women understand biblical femininity and to grow to a deeper, healthier and holier perspective of who they are in Christ. Topics include: Overcoming Toxic Shame, The Stress of wives and moms, Depression, Biblical Self-Esteem, Cinderella etc… TEEN CONFERENCES
There are many weekend and week long conferences on subjects related to teens and college aged young adults. Some of the topics include: Purity, (sexual purity, purity of thought, mouth and actions) dating, courtship, relationships, honoring parents, discovering God’s will, how to stand tall in the hall at school for Christ, drugs/alcohol, dysfunctional relationships, biblical self-esteem, depression, suicide, etc…You could have an all weekend purity conference or a weekend on dating and self esteem. These topics can be mixed and matched up to meet the needs of the young people. BIBLICAL MANHOOD AND BIBLICAL FEMININITY CONFERENCES
These are weekends for teenagers and early 20s young people. It is on purity but also on Biblical Manhood and Biblical Femininity. The sexes are divided up so that a more gender specific program can be delivered. Guys only on one weekend and girls only on the next weekend. 20 Characteristics of Manhood, Head of Home, Pornography etc. are given to guys only. The next weekend talks about pregnancy, date rape, dress, how to not be boy crazy and how to be a Christian young lady are given to the girls. MANHOOD CONFERENCES
This conference is designed for all ages of men. Young and old. Married or single. What does it mean to be a man? Defined by the bible. Head of home, characteristics of a Godly man, sexual purity, authentic manhood and how to show strength and courage are topics. CHURCH-WIDE TOPICS FOR EVERYONE
A weekend or week long event can be done that presents topics that anyone can benefit from whether you are the senior adult or a young teen, married, single, parent or not. These topics are things that all Christians can grow in. They can be done one at a time, or it can be done on a Friday night and all day Saturday format. There are many topics available. The most requested subject matters are these: Conquering Anger
Conquering Stress
Conquering Depression
Conquering Forgiveness
Biblical Self-Esteem
How to Have Healthy Arguments
Overcoming Shame
Spiritual Warfare
Alcohol and Drugs
Dysfunctional families
And many others! MARRIAGE RETREATS
This ministry started out with this focus. Having spent years as a marriage therapist, I love giving out practical steps for couples to go home and actually implement to improve their marriage. It is for all couples. Good marriages, bad marriages or even just wanting to know what one should consider before they get married. I have done different topics on marriage retreats for 16 years, so there are many topics that can be addressed. Churches can choose what topics they would like to be covered. The most popular topics include: Biblical foundation for marriage, romance, sexuality, goals, his needs/her needs, trust, conflict resolution, protection of marriage, headship/submission and many others. PARENTING CONFERENCES
There are many topics. Most parenting conferences will include the Biblical mandates for parenting, discipline with different options including spankings, passing on a legacy to your kids, how to practically implement discipleship in your home, peer pressure, sibling rivalry. Can be done with all parents, but also works well to do 3 sessions. One for parents of young children ( bed wetting, biting, temper tantrums etc ) one for parents of teenagers ( driving, dating, drinking etc) and one for parenting your adult children. OTHER OPTIONS There are many other workshops that can be done in the church, or even in the workplace. Topics on communication, conflict resolution, goal setting, service excellence ( positive attitude content) are all great in settings for the workplace, the church, deacon groups, staff trainings. Let Family Ark Ministries design a program to fit your needs at your location for God's glory.

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